Sanford Art Walk | The Fourth Friday of Every Month



Sanford Art Walk  

The Historic Sanford Welcome Center invites you to the Sanford Art Walk, a juried art show in the Historic Sanford Welcome Center (230 East First Street, Sanford, FL 32771), and a walking tour of the art venues located in historic downtown Sanford. The event takes place from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on the fourth Friday of each month. The event at the Welcome Center will include live music and lots of ART!

The juried exhibit will hang in the Welcome Center for the month following the event, until setup for the next month’s event begins. During the hanging, the artwork may be sold through the Welcome Center. A 10% commission is charged if the work is sold during the evening of the event, and a 35% commission is charged for sales during the hanging after the event.


For Even More Info!

The event will feature two awards:

“Best in Show”

This award is chosen by a panel of two or three judges prior to the event, and is awarded a $100 prize.

“People’s Choice”

This award is chosen by attendees at the event, via a secret ballot, to be awarded a $50 prize.


Themes and Dates


November 28, 2014- “The Art of Escape” – Humans have always needed an escape from reality, so let’s celebrate escape: books, games, plays, T.V., movies, music, dance, poetry or whatever allows you to unplug, unwind and enjoy a laugh or cry. From Tom Thumb to Tom Petty, a game of charades to Game of Thrones, Dr. Seuss to Dr. Zhivago, Monty Python to Monty Hall- where does your escape come from?


December 26, 2014- Sanford Art Contest - Join us as we display the works form our Sanford Young Artists Exhibit, art created by Seminole County High School Students that celebrates life in Sanford: our wonderful parks, lifestyle, waterfront, downtown or residential neighborhoods. Seminole County High School Students contact your art teacher for details; home school students contact the Welcome Center for details. Deadline is November 21, 2014.


January 23, 2015- “Teacher’s Turn”- Seminole County’s art teachers give their heart and soul to the education and enrichment of your kids, opening up young minds to a lifetime of art and beauty. Join us in our appreciation of this wonderful and talented community of artists. Submissions are open only to Seminole County Public Schools art teachers; exhibit open to the public!


February 27, 2015- “Seminole’s Got Artalent”- submissions are open only to Seminole County high school students; exhibit open to the public!


March 27, 2015- Olde Florida- Olde Florida means many things to many people. What does it mean to you? Flamingos? Flagler? Forts? Fifties Hotels? Cypress trees, knees or Gardens? Neon signs, mermaids, Miami or Marineland? This theme celebrates the long history and pop culture icon that is our beloved Sunshine State.


April 24, 2015- “Diversity”- Sanford welcomes and represents diversity in all of its forms. We would like to have out artists portray what diversity means to them and in turn allow our community to celebrate and cherish its diversity.


May 22, 2015- The Color Red- Red is one of those colors that grabs the eye and stirs the soul. It often represents fire, anger, passion and love; give us your interpretation of this evocative color!


June 26, 2015- “Black and White Forever” – A theme in black and white

Deadline for submission: June 17


July 24, 2015- “Breakable”- A tribute to all things breakable, broken or pieced back together.


August 28, 2015- “The Wild”- The original draw of the Florida was not its beaches or theme parks, but its unique and untamed wilderness. Similarly, wildernesses, forests, deserts, plains, tundra and oceans have all captivated humans since time began. We welcome our artists to captivate us with their depictions of the wild areas of the world along with their wild inhabitants.



To enter the event as and artist, please review the rules and application information at the top right section of this page.

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